Peter Hirschberg

Thursday, July 5, 2007

LA Film Festival Screening of "Chasing Ghosts"

Last weekend we had a screening of Chasing Ghosts at the LA Film Festival, which I attended.

Here's some photos of the event.

Just to remind you, the trailer is viewable online here:

We had pretty good attendance. It was an 1100 seat theater (huge!), and I think we had 700 seats filled. Not bad.

I had a couple nice folks come up to me after the event and introduce themselves. That was really cool. One of those folks, Mike Kennedy, even posted a nice review of the movie here:

The weather was certainly nicer than the Sundance event. :-)


Unknown said...

Hey Peter -

Thanks again for the meet and greet after the movie. I am going to have to check out the ET house as well. How did you get the address? Care to share :)


Mike Kennedy

Peter Hirschberg said...

Hi Mike!

Send me a private message at so I have your email address. I wanted to chat after LAFF.

I got the address of the ET house by just Googling it. Was pretty easy to find. After we saw the ET house the other guys wanted to see the Karate Kid apartment so I looked it up on my Treo's web browser, and entered the address into my GPS. All on-the-go. The future is cool. Well, parts of it are anyway. I think the Poltergeist house is very close to the ET house.