Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Construction Update

They finished up all the exterior stonework today (yay). Really does look great. Can't wait until we can get the exterior wood stained (no money for that right now).

They also replaced all the insulation that they had removed to install the AC ducting. As soon as the wiring is run for the AC they can drywall now.

I did notice a problem with the downstairs HVAC unit as I was looking at it today. The closet for the air exchanger is too small for them to install the various lines that run out of the front of the unit. They had already ripped out the framing for this closet once to make it bigger - looks like they'll have to do it again to bring the front out a bit more to make room for the lines they need to install. Compare the first photo of the upstairs unit (and note the various drainlines and the freon lines -I think that's what runs through the brass lines) against the second photo of the downstairs. The downstairs exchanger is pretty much flush with where the inside of the door would be. No room to install any of the lines and judging from the upstairs unit they're going to need about 12" or so.


Anonymous said...

Building is looking fantastic! I see that you have the Gorf machine already loaded in the back of your truck - I'll send my address! (Sorry, its a sickness)

Peter Hirschberg said...

Wow. I know *I* could identify a Gorf from the back of the machine (and in the corner of a photo on top of that), but I still gotta hand it to you. Nice one. :-)