Peter Hirschberg

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Construction Update

Today somebody was out (didn't see who) and did some stuff upstairs. Not exactly sure what they are doing up there. Insulation of both ends of the upstairs room was removed and they added some additional studs to the walls. They also put in some plastic pieces that I can't identify (anyone know what those are for?) and added a small closet upstairs. I think this is all for the HVAC. The closet was a total surprise since I had never heard anything about it before. Maybe it's for the second AC zone?? They added the closet a couple of days after the AC guy said we needed two zones for the building, so that would make sense I guess. I didn't think each zone had to have a closet-sized thing inside, but I know nothing about HVAC.


Anonymous said...

Each zone usually has its own unit. They can do a single zone that is separated into 2 areas. This is done by placing 'doors' in the vents that open and close automatically to separate them when needed.

Anonymous said...

I think the plastic baffle thingies are to allow air flow/ventilation (see the ceiling above the insulation) A dual zone system would need two air handlers hence the second surprise closet.

Anonymous said...

The plastic pieces they put against the roof are called rafter baffles. They help with ventilation because they allow air flow up the roof. The way they work is; the air comes in from the eaves, heats up from the roof surface and travels up the baffles they put in and out the ridge vent. It will keep the roof cooler overall which in turn will make it last longer and keep your inside temperatures cooler too.

Without the baffles, the insulation would work, but would not allow air movement. So it would just be a buffer. The system they put in is what you want.

BTW, I concur with your electrician about the AC. You also don't really want any drywall up until the ducting and AC is done. It will make putting it in painful and they will not do as good a job.