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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jon St John (voice of Duke Nukem) - Photo Op for Vector Tanks at MAGFest Convention

Jon provides the voice of one of the characters in my upcoming game Vector Tanks EXTREME! I was excited beyond words to meet him in-person at MAGFest 2010 (Feb 1-4 2010)! Jon is an amazingly nice person, and even let me take him out for dinner - my treat! :-)


An Update on Peter Hirschberg and 'Vector Tanks' on Touch Arcade

Nice article on Vector Tanks Classic on Touch!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Vector Tanks (Classic) update released today

Includes a blurb about the upcoming sequel game "Vector Tanks Extreme!" and compatibility with the Apple iPad.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MAGFest - Vector Tanks - Jon St. John

I will be at MAGFest Jan 1-4 2010 (Alexandria VA) to meet Jon St. John(!), who has provided character voices for my upcoming iPhone game "Vector Tanks Extreme".

Anybody wanna hook up there?

Forgot to mention: "Vector Tanks Extreme!" is currently targeted for a Feb. 2010 release. Just a month and a half away!

Friday, October 9, 2009


In a clear escalation of hostilities, today the earth launched a withering attack on the Moon. Several rockets were seen fired at installations on the ground, and rising plumes of smoke were visible for thousands of miles.

Tensions between the earth and the moon have waxed and waned over the past month, but today's attack was a definitive preemptive strike against the small breakaway celestial body.

A spokesperson for the Earth said that today's preemptive attack on the Moon was successful. "All their base are belong to us. They have no chance".

The U.N. has spoken out against the attack and has expressed concern over the humanitarian conditions on the Moon, which it called "inhospitable". "Our concern is that these needless attacks on the Moon will quickly turn the area into an empty and desolate cratered wasteland.", a representative for the U.N. said.

Experts worry that a wave of reprisal attacks could cause a ripple effect felt across the entire planet.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I signed up for a Twitter account, for anyone who wants to follow along.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Luna City Arcade News - Shawn Haines

This is a very hard letter for me to write.

Those who remember last year's Luna City Arcade Game Day will recall that it was fundraiser / benefit to raise money for the medical expenses of Shawn Haines who was suffering from Hodgkin's Disease. The event raised several thousand dollars and was a huge help to Shawn's family who were fighting the insurance companies and trying to keep up with the bills for the constant tests, procedures, etc.

Shawn passed away last Thursday after a 2 year battle with the disease. He was 22 years old, and stayed strong and upbeat until the very end.

I have been best friends with Shawn's parent's for 25-30 years and Shawn was like a son to me. Right now I am at a loss for words. My only comfort is that all the needles, chemo, drugs, and pain have ended now and that Shawn is now at peace.

I am working on setting up a small memorial display for Shawn for the upcoming Game Day on the 25th (next weekend) and I hope you will take the time to stop by and appreciate it.

I want to thank everyone who helped out last year and offered their support for Shawn. He was loved by many, and we will all miss him.

I encourage everyone to visit Shawn's CaringBridge site and sign his guestbook here:

Some pictures from of Shawn from last year's Game Day:

Please keep Shawn's parents and younger brother and sister in your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

REMINDER: Luna City Benefit Game Day - Sat, April 25 - EVENT DETAILS ENCLOSED

Just a reminder of the upcoming Game Day Sat, April 25 from 11:00am to 8pm. This particular Game Day is open to ALL. Family, friends, coworkers - you're all welcome to come.

As with the last Game Day, this Game Day is a benefit event. This event will be a benefit for Col. Wesley Fox Young Marines (, a youth group to promote a drug free lifestyle. Donations to be accepted (and as always will be completely optional). Fred Stoki, who will be running the operations for this Game Day, is a close friend and neighbor of mine and he is in charge of the Young Marines in our area. Fred has been an integral part of helping me keep Luna City up and running so I don't completely lose my mind. Without him I could not do public Game Days. I hope you will help support him and his benefit.

Food will be available for a nominal fee. Made to order Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Pork BBQ sandwiches, chips & soda.

I believe we are working on getting a Moon Bounce again for this event, as well as a couple port-a-potties (sorry about last time)

** All proceeds from the event go directly to the Non-Profit Col. Wesley Fox Young Marines. **


Just like always, ALL the games are FREE to play for as long as you like. Adults and children of all ages are welcome. All I ask is that children treat the machines gently as they are old, and all part of my personal collection. Please remember that Luna City Arcade is my residence. Also realize that by 8pm I am going to be completely exhausted, so please remember that the event ends at 8pm. You are totally welcome to come at 11am and stay until 8pm but at 8pm I shut off the all breakers and I go crash. :-)

I will also have console games (Atari 2600, maybe a Wii, etc) set up in the upstairs of the arcade for those who are looking for a slightly different diversion.

I hope everyone is looking forward to it! It's probably going to be another huge event like last time! Please plan on coming out and having a great time, as well as helping out the Young Marines!











* If someone has a portable (non-window-unit) Air Conditioner (the kind that has hoses to vent outside), I could REALLY REALLY use that to borrow for the event. Something like this unit is what I am looking for:

* Also, I need about 5 people to bring large fire extinguishers (not the tiny kind you keep next to your stove). With all the people at the event I want to be overly-cautious. If you have an extinguisher that you could bring for the event, please mark it with your name so you'll be able to find it when you are leaving.

* If you are an old-timer like me and want to assist some of the younger players with 'how to play' type coaching, that is always welcome as well. Let's teach these kids how video games used to be and preserve the classic gaming era into the next generation and generations to come. This is how it happens people - with us. Otherwise it will be lost forever.



Sat, April 25
11:00am to 8pm

Email Me

The website is:
You can contact me at or by replying directly to this email.


If you are planning on staying in the area, here are some hotels nearby.

If you are being REALLY bold and flying into the area, the closest major airport is Dulles International.

It's about a 55 mile drive west from the airport to our place.

Kindest regards,
-Peter Hirschberg


Monday, March 23, 2009

Vector Tanks mentioned in the Washington Post

Mike Musgrove of the Washington Post interviewed me last week for an article about the iPhone gaming culture and mentions me and my iPhone game Vector Tanks.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Vector Tanks mentioned

Here's an interview with Chris Byatte of Chillingo - publisher for my game Vector Tanks. My game is mentioned several times in the interview. Thanks Chris!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vector Tanks review has this very nice review of Vector Tanks.


Vector Tanks now available on the App Store

My iPhone/iPod touch retro game "Vector Tanks" is now available on the App Store. Go get it!

The official website is here:


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vector Tanks website live

The program hasn't shown up on the App Store yet, but I did upload the new website.


Vector Tanks status

Well, here it is almost a week later and still no sign of Vector Tanks on the App Store. People are getting pretty frustrated (as am I!!!) This particularly sucks since the submission to the App Store was timed to get it released on late Friday or Saturday morning, thus taking advantage of the weekend sales trends. Not to mention that this is a 3 day holiday weekend which would probably drive increased sales as well. Thanks Apple!

Just release it already! It's not like it's an extremely sophisticated program. You drive around and blow up tank after tank. That's it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Vector Tanks submitted to the App Store!

The countdown has begun on my latest iPhone game, Vector Tanks. Everyone hope for a speedy approval!

It should be available on the Apple App Store in around 4-5 days.

There's an early review of the game in this thread:

Website coming soon to

You can check out a video of the gameplay here!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Adventure" Fan Art

From Dale Crawford I recently received this:

"I have attached a photo I took of some items my son created after playing your iPhone app. We wanted toys, and there weren't any, so he made his own with Lego bricks!"

I love it! :-)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Friday, November 21, 2008

"Chasing Ghosts" on Showtimes (more air dates)

Jason Scott just send me a note pointing out additional airings of Chasing Ghosts. Yay! Big thanks to him!

If you read the actual Showtime Schedule, which includes ALL Showtime channels:

It's actually on MUCH more. Here's the times:

December 3: 8:30am, Showtime Next
December 4: 7:30am, Showtime Showcase
December 6: 3:00am, Showtime Too
December 7: 12pm, Showtime Next
December 9: 12pm, Showtime Showcase
December 11: 2:30am, Showtime
December 11: 1:30pm, Showtime Next
December 13: 9:30am, Showtime Too
December 14: 12am, Showtime Too
December 15: 8:30pm, Showtime Too
December 16: 7:15am, Showtime Next
December 16: 3:30pm, Showtime Next
December 20: 3:40pm, Showtime Next
December 22: 12:00pm, Showtime Next
December 26: 11am, Showtime Too
December 28. 10:15am, Showtime Next
December 29: 12:30pm, Showtime Showcase


I was also just informed that the screening on Dec. 11th at 2:30 in the AM will be in HD.

If you're going to Tivo it that would be the one to record!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Adventure' for iPhone / iPod Touch!

'Adventure' for the iPhone/iPod Touch is now available on the Apple App Store for free!

This is my first iPhone app (trust me, I plan others).