Peter Hirschberg

Friday, July 20, 2007


Just picked up a Gorf machine the other day to add to the collection (thanks Lloyd!).

It was sold as not-working but I didn't even plug it in. Everything I get these days just goes on the pile anyway. Until the gameroom is done.

It's in pretty decent shape. The bottom of the cabinet will need a little bit of stabilizing with wood hardener, and possibly redoing the formica laminate on the bottom sides (anyone know a good source for this in the right thickness and color?). I have a repro control panel and joystick insert already on order. Should clean up really nicely!


Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice add to your collection in choosing Gorf. Maybe one day I'll fly up and set a friendly score on it for you to beat.
-Todd Rogers

Peter Hirschberg said...


Wow, I didn't realize you read my blog. I am flattered! :-)

You can come visit any day! Let me know and I'll have the games warmed up for you. Seriously.

Send me an email at so I have your email address!