Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Construction Update

They dropped off the drywall supplies today. Wow, I didn't know drywall even CAME in 12' lengths. Makes sense since the ceilings downstairs are 12' ceilings. Should make it look a lot smoother than having to piece together a couple 8' lengths and taping them up.

The AC guy is SUPPOSED to be out sometime over the next couple of days to run the ductwork for the AC, but in the meantime he is supposed to be communicating the equipment that will be installed to the electrician so that he can run the wiring to the AC unit before it gets covered up with drywall.

The AC guy did say that they are going to install a dual-zone unit so that we stand a reasonable chance of keeping the upstairs and the downstairs a decent temperature.

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