Peter Hirschberg

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Karate Kid Apartment

Okay, I give in. I've had a couple of request for these photos, so here they are.

When we were in LA, I had dragged my friends Michael and Lincoln to the ET house (see my earlier blog posting here), and after that they wanted to see the apartment used in the film Karate Kid. I did a quickie look up of the address on my Treo (it's in Reseda, CA) and we punched it into the GPS. I think it was only a 15 or 20 minute drive from the ET house.

Michael and Lincoln are big Karate Kid fans. I never liked the film (only saw it once on video back when it first came out on VHS tape), but hey - they humored me with the ET house.

Anyway, here's some photos of Michael and Lincoln "admiring" the nostalgia. :-)

By the way, if you ARE a fan of The Karate Kid, you should check out this video that reunites the original cast of the film for a music video.
No More Kings - "Sweep The Leg" music video


Anonymous said...

Did you make it to Golf N' Stuff in Norwalk where the arcade scene from The Karate Kid and an episode of CHiPS was filmed?

Peter Hirschberg said...

Nah, that would have been the other guys I was with, and they didn't mention it. The only other thing we talked about seeing was the Poltergeist house and the park from ET, but we didn't make it to either. The Poltergeist house was close, but Michael and Lincoln didn't feel like going, and we didn't know where the ET park was filmed.

Riz said...

Hello from over a year after you made this post. Just watched the Karate Kid with my seven year old -- Reseda is my old stomping grounds -- wanted to see a photo of that fountain. I guess people have been bugging the residents of this building for 20 years and so they keep that gate locked and you didn't get inside to see the fountain with the lady and the cat -- remember, I just watched it again -- there's a great fountain. Inside -- if the interiors are shot in the same place. Thanks for posting these. Give KK a second chance -- it's a tight script and a good story. My 7 year old loved it. The sequels stink but most sequels do.