Peter Hirschberg

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Washington Post article about my arcade!

This was in today's Sunday Washington Post newspaper.

It's also available online if you can't get a print copy!

This article is somewhat of a follow-up to an article in the Post from 2006.


Anonymous said...

Good for you -- you have an amazing wife! I remember the arcades and confess I did not enjoy them. I had very little pocket money, and felt I could not afford to spend much time in the arcade at our mall. But I did play a few games of moon patrol when I visited my sister at college. We had a pong-like home console (heck, it may have been pong!) that was popular for a day or two, but then my friends got Atari. I married a man who loves games, and we have recently got the Wii. I still haven't played it. Your arcade looks great -- congratulations!

Joelogon said...

Saw the photo in the post article and said, hey, I've seen that guy before! Oh, and nice Space Paranoids t-shirt. Good job, hope you enjoy it.