Peter Hirschberg

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jason Scott

I was very honored the other day to get a visit from Jason Scott. Jason, who runs the website ASCII and who I respect a great deal, made a trip out here to see the arcade.

From left to right, that's Dan Moniz (one of Jason's buddies), Jason Scott, me, Nick DePetrillo (another of Jason's buddies), and my wife Julie.

Be sure to check out Jason's blog post about the visit as well as an album of photos he took while here!

- "Face to Face with Luna City"
- Jason's Photos


Dan Moniz said...

Actually, I'm on the left and Nick is closest to Julie. Nice to meet you and Julie, and thanks for having us!

Charlie and Kim said...

I've been following Jason Scott for a while (his links previously led me here), and it was great to see this story.

One question. Simon says?

Peter Hirschberg said...

Gah, sorry about that Dan. That was my mistake. I've fixed it now. :-)

Peter Hirschberg said...

@Charlie and Kim: The Simons are for a project I am building. I'm going to wire up all of them to a computer so I can individually control the lights and sequence them to the music. Sort of like a giant "mod-art" color organ.