Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Game Room on

"Good: Collecting 65 classic arcade games. Great: Building a private 2,400 square foot arcade with black lights and 80's soundtrack. Awesome: Your kids leave it alone because they want to play Wii"

The comments are pretty funny.


Nick said...

I've been stalking you across the internet for almost a decade. Well, not really, but your name seems to surface in many of the places that I visit. Now I see that you have achieved the dream of every mid-late 30 year old in the US. Well done. Worth every dime, I'm certain.

How do I get invited to your next gathering? I need to road trip with my 7 year old son and show him how I spent my youth!!

Dave said...

Man, that is awesome. I'm extremely jealous and wish I were closer to check it out myself. Kudos to you--great job!

Fergy said...

It is awesome that you are getting so much exposure online. I have seen a link to your site all over the place this past week. It seems as if it is well deserved though, what an amazing project! It has inspired me to finally hunt for the Galaga and Donkey Kong machines that I have wanted for years. I have no idea where I am going to find them in the middle of Iowa though, hah!

Anyway, congratulations on the completion of your arcade and I hope it keeps going well for you!