Peter Hirschberg

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Updated Arcade Photos

I've updated my website with pictures of the new arcade!

It's all ready for Game Day except Gravitar blew up last night. I hope nobody is a Gravitar fan. The brand new amp that I bought also died the other night. Between the amp dying and the speakers arriving all broken up, I'm very unimpressed with Pyle.


Brent said...

Very nice Peter! Sure wish that I was closer so that I could join the party. Two questions for you:
1)How do you have your change machine set up? Can people just push a button for tokens, or do they have to put in money?
2)What does the monitor on top of the Pong machine show?

Peter Hirschberg said...

1) Yes, I have the change machines set up to give 4 quarters when you push the coin-return button.
2) The monitor on top of Pong shows nonstop TV commercials from the '80s.