Peter Hirschberg

Friday, January 4, 2008

Construction Update

Nobody showed up to work on the steps today. Oh well.

I spent all day putting up posters and artwork. I - am - so - tired!

Here's what I did today. The large Battlestar Galactica poster is 12' wide x 8.5' tall.

I noticed that I covered over where the speaker mount is supposed to go in that corner. I'll have to switch to using tripods for the speakers. At least for that corner.

Also, I scraped off two of the windows and was going to put on the blackout film I bought, only to find out that they shipped me whiteout film instead. Oops. Back it goes. I should have the correct film by Tuesday. This is to block out light from coming through the windows (and to keep people outside from peeking in).


Jason Scott said...

You know, not to be suddenly paranoid or anything... but have you gotten theft insurance or installed a kick-ass burglar alarm system on this thing? I suddenly had a very bad nightmare.

Peter Hirschberg said...

There is an alarm system installed, and the building is insured through our homeowners policy. Not that I'm encouraging anything to happen.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I think your Arcade is awesome (a good mix) and I like your selection of 80's movies/shows to go with it. Do you have any plans on adding a vintage soda machine or popcorn machine? Also, I notice there's no movie posters of Walt Disney's "The Black Hole". Not the best movie of all time, but still a great late 70's Sci-Fi classic. Any particular reason why? :)

Jason Scott said...

Neither am I. Just wanted to be sure. Excellent.

Peter Hirschberg said...

I have a Black Hole soundtrack album that I was going to hang up as soon as I decide where to put it. Honestly, most of this artwork I haven't seen in years and I've NEVER seen it all hanging up at the same time. Only know am I looking at it noticing "holes" in the collection, like The Black Hole. I'll definitely get a poster for that movie. I also am looking around for a Buck Rogers in the 25th Century movie poster. I can't believe I don't have one of those.

I like the idea of a popcorn and/or soda machine, but the truth is - I don't want people walking around spilling popcorn and soda all over the place.

Peter Hirschberg said...

Ha, I just went looking through all my posters again and I found...a Buck Rogers in the 25th Century movie poster. :-)

See, I know I had one.

Anonymous said...


I have called you the maddest of madmen before, and I will do so again!

The arcade is shaping up nicely; I had not idea you had so much art. And room for more games!

That Gorgar pinball machine I bought shipped for $471! Insane.