Peter Hirschberg

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Construction Update

I've been working nonstop on the gameroom since the last post. My friend Fred helped me again in getting 2 of the 4 speakers installed on the wall. The other 2 speakers were damaged in shipping and I'm trying to get a response from the seller so that I can get them exchanged. Yay.

I've rearranged the games since last time. Instead of a single huge row down the center of the room, I went with 3 smaller rows going widthwise.

Here's me going through my hundreds of posters. I've got about half of them hung on the walls at this point. What a huge job.

And here's what I've hung so far. I'm still working in there so things are pretty cluttered.

I also applied some vinyl Space Invaders cutouts to one of the walls.

And finally, here's the newly installed 10 fluorescent blacklight fixtures buzzing happily away with the carpet glowing under them.

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just incredible