Peter Hirschberg

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Construction Update

Yay! The steps are finally done! I called the builder last night and left a voice mail saying that we've got this big party coming up, and it would be REALLY nice if the steps were done, and he had his crew come out today (on a Sunday!) and finish it all up!

We just need to tell the stain guy that it's done and he'll come out to stain the new parts.

I've worked my butt off all weekend getting the place ready for the next Game Day. I'll take photos after I get the place tidied up a bit and vacuumed. I got all the pinball machines set up, and also put up this cool Asteroids scene in the bathroom (that's why I wanted the walls black in there), and a couple Space Wars ships on the ceiling.


Anonymous said...

Those Spacewar ships look great...what about a little blacklight in the bathroom so the Asteroids scene will glow? :-)

Peter Hirschberg said...

I had originally put blacklights in the bathroom but it was too dark. The Asteroids stickers don't react to blacklight anyway, unfortunately.

Darren said...


Unfortunately, I won't be able to come to the initial game party, as I'll be in DC that day preparing for the march on Tuesday.

Thanks for the invite, and I really hope I can come another time. The building looks absolutely terrific!

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the development of your new building, Peter, and to be frank...YOU MAKE ME SICK.

Sick with envy, that is.

Good show, my man. Good show!


VMJ said...

HA! Speaking of Asteriods...

I'd recently picked up the Atari Classics for my PSP, and among the games features is Asteroids. Have to say it makes a great game for commuting to and from work!