Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Construction Update

The staining is being done this week. Yesterday and today they were caulking, and today they masked off the windows.


Anonymous said...


I don't see any solar panels on the roof. Did you give any thought to them when you realised that you may have needed to have the transformer upgraded?

Peter Hirschberg said...

We actually -didn't- have to have the transformer upgraded. But close. We ran right up against the limit for it.

The problem with alternative energy is the initial cost. I've been thinking about wind turbines for years since the wind almost never stops up here. Recently I was told that Virginia offers grants to people for alternative energy, so it's possibly something we could do in the future.

For now though, just getting the building done by itself is expensive and stressful enough without adding solar panels or wind turbines. I'll be glad when it's over.