Peter Hirschberg

Friday, September 21, 2007

Construction Update

So, it turns out that the electrician did have difficulty while digging the trench for the electric. If you remember from my previous post the electrician only got the trench halfway dug. He kept hitting rocks and ripping the chain off the trench-digger he was using. The rental company finally fussed at him since he had to take it back to them every time the chain came off. So today he and one of the builder's workmen were out with a larger excavator machine. They successfully laid the pipe for the electric to be hooked up through. Unfortunately they accidentally cut through our phone cable, which hadn't been properly marked by the utility company. No biggie. At least they missed our internet cable. The electrician told me we should have power in the building by next week sometime. Can't wait!

Laying the pipe for the AC.

That's our phone line. Oops.

Almost to the transformer. Note the bar across the trench. That marks where our internet cable is. If they had hit that I wouldn't be posting this now.

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