Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Construction Update

Yup, things are still slow here on the gameroom. Today about half of the trench for the electrical was dug. Not sure if there were difficulties or if they just ran out of time, but it looks like it goes about halfway to the transformer.

Over the weekend we got (another) loan for (hopefully!) the last $20k we need to complete the building. Yay! I contacted the painter who stained our house and he's going to begin staining the cedar siding on the gameroom on Monday the 24th. He said it would take him about 5-10 days to complete. It should look really sweet when it's all stained, and after it's stained they should be able to put up the guttering. The steps to the house deck and to the upstairs gameroom door have not been built yet. He says he'll come back and do those when they are built.

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