Peter Hirschberg

Monday, December 24, 2007

ARCADE UPDATE - Game Moving Progress

Every machine except for the 3 pinballs and some project machines have been moved into the new building. Boy the cockpit games were a challenge. Special thanks to Fred, Darrian, and Daniel for their help moving the machines! And thanks to everyone that offered their help! I should be able to move the last 3 machines over in the next day or two.

Up next - I'm going to hang the fluorescent fixtures for the blacklights and start putting up all my posters and artwork!!

I also think I'm going to convert that giant center row of games into several rows going width-wise. I think it will lay out better that way.


Anonymous said...

WOW, looking good Peter !! Any news on "Chasing Ghosts" yet ??

Peter Hirschberg said...


No, no news on Chasing Ghosts. Not that I've heard anyway.