Peter Hirschberg

Saturday, December 15, 2007

ARCADE UPDATE - Game Moving Progress

Moved a bunch more machines over. Also moved a ton of posters and artwork (which is going to take a REALLY long time to get all hung up!).

Don't read too much into the arrangement of the games. I have a specific place in mind for the pinballs, and a specific place for the cockpit machines, but other than that, I'm just winging it. These are probably not the final place for the machines. I'm just trying to get all the machines over to the new building before we get snow!

I have to say, it's actually pretty sad to see the old gameroom getting all emptied out. It's something I didn't expect - to feel a sense of loss from setting up the new place. It's weird. I'll definitely post pictures of the old "Luna City 1.0" once it's all cleared out and officially decommissioned and de-sanctified.


Brent said...

The place is looking great. I can't wait to see the "after" pictures.
I envy you!

Anonymous said...

OMG.....this is going to be the most beautiful place in the world :-) I can't decide if to love or to hate you ;-)

Go on...keep the games "moving" :-)