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Monday, December 10, 2007

ARCADE UPDATE - Game Moving Progress

I decided to start using a new title for my posts, since for the most part the construction is done (still waiting on the steps outside to be built, but that's not stopping me from moving machines).

After work today my wife and I moved a bunch more machines. All these are some of the machines that have filled our garage. They are for the most part totally unshopped (unrestored and nonworking), but I have to get them out of the way so I can bring the bulk of the machines through the garage. I think by the time we are done I'm going to need spine surgery or something. Curse my 42 year old body.

Here's a row of pinball machines against the back wall (not set up). Every one of those machines need shopping. Whew.

More videos added to the lineup.

My funky '70s-style trashcan and Atari 2600 store sign (jeez, gotta get that black wall painted!)

Primal Rage - hidden off by itself. :-)

And the bathroom sink fitted with a trippy illuminated faucet. It lights up either blue or red, depending on the water temperature.

I just need to find a place that sells the glow in the dark toilet seats now and I'll be set.

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