Peter Hirschberg

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Construction Update

The electrician was out today to install, among other things, the outside light fixtures.

I began the first of what will ultimately be a huge project - decorating the gameroom! I put in a working payphone, complete with '80s-ish signage.

The bathroom light fixtures were also installed today. Here's a picture of that, plus a better photo of the plumbing now that there is actually a light in the closet.

And a gratuitous photo of one of the fans. Because it looks cool.

A couple photos of the water/septic ditch (it's been raining since they dug it, so this is the first good photo I've gotten of it).


Jamie said...

This is really starting to look awesome. :) Can't wait to see it loaded with games.

the Joneses said...

Hurray for the rain! We've been enjoying it (in a cold, stay-in-the-house sort of way.)

The pay phone is a neat idea.