Peter Hirschberg

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Construction Update

Yesterday they finished the final coat of staining and painting the trim. It's WAY lighter than I wanted (funny - these photos actually make the stain look lighter than the previous photos!). We had the same problem with our house. Oh well. It looks nice anyway. They will still have to return once the stairs/decking has been done.

The electric, I'm being told, should be live sometime next week.


Unknown said...

Well, luckily staining is the easiest thing to do a do-over sometime. Live with it a year and then go for it if you can't stand it.

Peter Hirschberg said...

I know we can redo it, but it wasn't cheap (between the house and the garage we are talking about a LOT of material). I'll live. At least it's "done" and I can put games in there soon. That's what's important to me at the moment. :-)

Anonymous said...

Peter, what's your target date for getting the games in there? We need an arcade warming party!

Peter Hirschberg said...

Yes - definitely on the arcade warming party. Not sure of an exact date yet. I plan on starting to move the machines in there as soon as I can, which will be when the downstairs carpeting is done, and the concrete pad alongside the side entrance is there (where I plan on bringing the machines in). Hopefully not too long now.