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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Construction Update

Lots of stuff has been happening. I'll just go through them.

They secured the metal column at the corner of the building. I was figuring that's how they would do it, since putting a bolt through any of the other 3 holes probably would have cracked or weakened the concrete slab. I think tomorrow they are going to put the cedar wrap around it.

The torn up drywall in the bathroom has been repaired, and the drain is finally a drain - not a pipe sticking up into the room.

The water heater was added today. It's a VERY small, on-demand unit. It's only for the hot water in the sink. I figure it would get used a couple times a month at most, so this is better energy-wise, and reduces the chance that a large, tank-based water heater will explode in my gameroom. :-)

They've been running the sewer and water lines as well. They were out yesterday all day and dug a large trench around to the other side of the house for the water. Apparently there are some problems getting the proper "fall" in the line running to the septic tank, so they are going to have to take up some of the floor in the building and see if they can fix things up. Barring that, they'll need to install a pump. Eew.

My wife and I went out over the weekend and picked up all the electric fixtures we need. This is the outside lanterns, and the vanity and overhead fixtures for the bathroom. Oh, and a replacement neon tube for the last-remaining broken fan.

The builder made these wooden plates for the outside lanterns to mount to.

And the stone mason was out to add some stone plates for the lantern and electrical outlet.

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