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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Construction Update

They had to make the closet for the HVAC unit bigger, which meant ripping out a good portion of what was there. Oops. Here's what it looks like now.

For comparison, this is what it originally looked like:

For the record, I had asked for all this to be outside the building anyway, but it didn't happen that way. Oh well.

They added the upstairs door today.

They did a little bit of the siding on the front around the garage doors.

Other than that, it's just been working out the money aspect of overything. The builder gave us the bill for some of the additional stuff we've been adding beyond the original estimate (things like the interior paint, etc). That came to $12,795. On top of that there's the stonework we are putting on the exterior - that comes to $8650, and the wood design I want for the garage bay doors comes to another $4900 additional. This is on top of the $12k we had to pay to have the septic field moved and the electrician's bill which we are having to cover due to all the additional work he is doing. I'm not doing a very good job keeping this project on budget.

The blacklight carpeting for the downstairs hasn't been estimated or paid for yet. I'm guessing the estimate will come in at around $5k, which we don't have. So we're going to have to put off the carpeting for a month or two until we save up for it. As a consequence, the games won't be able to be moved in until then.

This project is like a black hole that sucks in money. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Your game room is coming along nicely. What is the estimated completion date?

I'm in the design phase of adding a game room in part of the unfinished area of my basement. I'm hoping to have enough space for around 20 full size cabs.

One area I'm struggling with is the color/materials for my walls. I wanted to do some brick veneer, but it may darken the room too much. So I'm probably going to use a high gloss paint and texture it with a sponge, etc.

What are your plans for your walls?.... color, materials, etc.