Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Construction Update

Lots of stuff happened today!

Here's the electric meter (just for the garage). Yikes.

They sheeted over 2 of the 3 bay doors (probably leaving the last one open to let light in). It actually looks even BIGGER inside with the sheeting. The wires hanging down in these photos are where the 10 blacklight ceiling fixtures will go.

This is the large upstairs window before and after, and a picture of the view from the window.

The support pole for the cutout breezeway.

The upstairs with the window in! They also added another layer of flooring down as it felt pretty flimsy with just the one layer of plywood.

The stairway landing window before and after

The progress on the siding.

The door for the storage under the stairs. This was going to be a little hideout for the kids (they asked for it), so the door was supposed to just be a little crawlspace access. I need to let the builder know.


Anonymous said...


Your arcade is coming along nicely. Have you chosen a black light carpet pattern? Is it the same as your current (old) game room?

Peter Hirschberg said...

I had thought about going with another pattern, but I'm thinking that I'll probably end up just going with the same carpet that's in the old gameroom. This stuff isn't cheap either at 2400 sq ft!