Peter Hirschberg

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Construction Update

The plumber (finally!) came out before dawn this morning and got the plumbing roughed-in. Later in the day the county inspector came by to inspect it and for some reason started harassing me about the plumbing. He rang the doorbell and immediately started with "where's your building permit?", "where's the approved set of plans? There's supposed to be a copy on-site". I kept telling him that I didn't know anything about it and that he should take it up with the builder but he kept bugging me about it. He said he couldn't inspect the plumbing because (and he insisted on showing me the exact regulations from his rulebook, which was highlighted I might I care anything about this) it must either be tested with a 10' water column - meaning put water into the pipes up to a height of 10' which he couldn't do since the plumber cut the pipes at about 3' - 4', or by pressurizing the system to 5 psi for 10 minutes, which he couldn't do since not all the lines were capped. I reiterated that I knew nothing about any of this and he needed to deal with either the plumbing contractor or our builder but he insisted on burdening me with all this useless information that now I have to pass on to the builder. Why???!!!

Also, the builder scooted the bathroom down a few feet at my request to allow the entryway door to be better positioned for the front steps, so the plumbing should be in the right place now.

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