Peter Hirschberg

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Construction Update - Framing Started.

Now we're talking!

The framing started today, and was almost completed. They said they'd be back tomorrow or Saturday to finish up the last of it. Monday the crane is scheduled to be here to put in the roof trusses.

They also started putting up the exterior sheets of wood that make up the outside wall.

Wow, 12' ceilings are really high. Did you know that? When you stand in the middle of the building now it looks big!!!

We aren't sure where we want the entryway door yet, so they just put the proper framing in both places we are thinking of putting it. There is a small problem with putting it where we initially wanted it because of the electrical panel. The county code says the door can't block the electrical panel when it's open. We're still figuring it out.


Anonymous said...

Nice progress. Do you have a floorplan for where all of the games will go already in mind? More importantly, will you have to acquire MORE cabs/pins in order for the place to not look too empty? ;)

Peter Hirschberg said...

Nah, no plan. I'll figure it out as I go. I have at least 20 or 30 machines that are NOT in my current gameroom, so I'm hoping it will fill up and not look too empty.

Anonymous said...

more importantly, how many games to you expect to be able to fit in the new game room?

Peter Hirschberg said...

I'm thinking about 200 packed in there. About 100 if I space them out like I want.