Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Construction Update

So I find out that it's going to be really expensive to put the bathroom where it was originally supposed to go (back left corner) as the increased distance would require adding something called an ejection pump to pump the sewage across the yard from the bathroom to the drainfield (mmmmmm...sewage). I spoke with the builder a lot this morning and thought I had decided on just putting the bathroom where it was supposed to go, but when he told me the cost I choked. He's going to draw up some plans tonight to relocate it to under the steps going upstairs and we'll make a final decision tomorrow. He needs to know then because the next step is to rough in the pipes before they pour the slab, and it's not changing after they do that! The bathroom will end up being a lot smaller and cramped, but it's going to be much cheaper than having to install all the extra plumbing and complexity required by putting it on the other side of the building.

The workmen spent all day today prepping the site to get it ready to pour the slab. It's actually kinda cool looking at the moment. They brought out I think another 4 truckloads of gravel, bringing the total to 10 loads. Wow.

Snow is in the forecast again and temperatures will be below freezing for the remainder of the week. My guess is they probably won't get to pour the slab until next week sometime, which gives them until then to rough in the plumbing.

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