Peter Hirschberg

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Adventure" Fan Art

From Dale Crawford I recently received this:

"I have attached a photo I took of some items my son created after playing your iPhone app. We wanted toys, and there weren't any, so he made his own with Lego bricks!"

I love it! :-)

Happy Holidays everyone!



Brian Hanifin said...

Thanks for sharing this Peter!

I was quite young when my dad bought himself an Atari 2600 (he claimed it was for the family -- but I knew better). Adventure and a boxy Pac-man clone are the first games I think of when I think about the 2600. :)

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...


So here is a stupid story because I didn't want to leave a one word comment. I can never see myself getting a tattoo. What piece of artwork can you see yourself liking for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

But sometimes I try to think about what tattoo I would get if I did get one. Like if they were much easier to remove later. Being a video game designer, I like the idea of a video game tattoo. We've all seen the Pac-man ones, my friend Adam got one of the Aztec God of the Games (pretty cool).

I thought, go old school. Adventure.

You saw that coming didn't you?

ChrisF said...

Very cool Legos. Great job.

To Joseph - how about the Dot with the sword about to slay one of the dragons. The red was always my favorite (Rhindle being my personal choice).