Peter Hirschberg

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Chasing Ghosts" on Showtimes (more air dates)

Jason Scott just send me a note pointing out additional airings of Chasing Ghosts. Yay! Big thanks to him!

If you read the actual Showtime Schedule, which includes ALL Showtime channels:

It's actually on MUCH more. Here's the times:

December 3: 8:30am, Showtime Next
December 4: 7:30am, Showtime Showcase
December 6: 3:00am, Showtime Too
December 7: 12pm, Showtime Next
December 9: 12pm, Showtime Showcase
December 11: 2:30am, Showtime
December 11: 1:30pm, Showtime Next
December 13: 9:30am, Showtime Too
December 14: 12am, Showtime Too
December 15: 8:30pm, Showtime Too
December 16: 7:15am, Showtime Next
December 16: 3:30pm, Showtime Next
December 20: 3:40pm, Showtime Next
December 22: 12:00pm, Showtime Next
December 26: 11am, Showtime Too
December 28. 10:15am, Showtime Next
December 29: 12:30pm, Showtime Showcase


I was also just informed that the screening on Dec. 11th at 2:30 in the AM will be in HD.

If you're going to Tivo it that would be the one to record!



Drew Wallner said...

Peter, I heard about Chasing Ghosts from Jason's blog and am very eager to see it. I don't want to contribute any of my bandwidth to the screener torrent that's been going around, and I'd much prefer to see the finished opus anyway. Other than having a friend with cable TV record it for me, do you have any suggestions?

I've read about Luna City and how there are occasionally public game days there, do you plan to perhaps show the finished film there any time in the coming year? I live in PA but would absolutely make the drive some weekend (plus just seeing the arcade would be worth a little pilgrimage).

Thanks for any additional information and for your efforts in making the film, and Happy Holidays!

Peter Hirschberg said...

Thanks for your interest Drew! I am imagining that Showtime will be continuing to play the movie beyond what I have listed here. But if you don't have access to cable or a friend with cable, right now I don't have an answer for you. I've been looking forward to the Showtime release for about a year now and haven't really thought beyond that to things like DVD or whatever. Maybe the Showtime exposure will bring additional distribution deals. I hope you can see it!

I will most likely not be doing another screening at my place now that it's been shown on Showtime. That was sort of a one-time "friends only" thing. Sorry!

Drew Wallner said...

Thanks Peter, I'll do my best to track down some cable access soon.

Have you ever considered showing the film at videogame conventions? I ask because if you're located in NoVA, you must not be very far from MAGFEST. This year's is right around the corner, but I'm sure they'd fit you in next year.

You might already be a regular, but I figured I'd mention the 'con just in case you hadn't heard about it. It started in Williamsburg and Charlottesville back when I lived down around there and was running games for Anime Mid-Atlantic.