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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still Rockin' Seattle (and gutters)

We had some fun today. We went to the Space Needle and I even went all the way to the top. Very cool. Right next to the Space Needle is an AWESOME science fiction museum. Unbelievably they DON'T ALLOW PHOTOS! WTF!!?? They've got the largest collection of sci-fi film artifacts I've ever seen, but I'm not allowed to take any pictures? Seriously guys, that's messed up. I went to the gift shop thinking that, okay, maybe they've got DVDs of the exhibit - but no, nothing. Completely brain dead.

Anyway, I didn't bring my SD card reader with me, or I'd post my pictures of the Space Needle and the OUTSIDE of the science fiction museum (duh). I'll post photos here when I get home, and blog about all the cool artifacts I was allowed to LOOK AT in the museum.

I heard from home that the gutters have been installed on the garage. I'll get photos of that up as soon as I can.

My return flight is tomorrow.

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