Peter Hirschberg

Friday, November 30, 2007

Construction Update

Whoohoo! The 5 rolls of blacklight carpeting arrived today! My precious....

This the same design as my current gameroom. Click here to see a picture of the carpet pattern.

This is 5 rolls (12' wide) of 43 feet. It was such a large order that they had to make a special run of the carpet just for me to make sure all the rolls matched.

Unfortunately, the truck driver delivering the carpet ran over our mailbox pulling in. I don't think he even noticed. And I don't mean he knocked it over, I mean he RAN IT OVER. Pole and all. Amazingly my Netflix DVD didn't get damaged. Tomorrow I will be mailbox shopping.

They worked more on the steps.

And they worked on the upstairs carpeting. They are coming back tomorrow to finish up.

I had a really hard time finding replacement bulbs for the Chuck E Cheese signs. They use a weird single-pin fluorescent bulb. I finally found a local electrical store that had a bunch. And looks like the ballasts and starters are good on both units too.

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