Peter Hirschberg

Friday, August 24, 2007

Construction Update

Sorry, I meant to upload these last night, but our power went out.

Looks like the painting it pretty much done. The electrician was also out to put in some of the electrical fixtures.

And this is the window box for the upstairs window.


Anonymous said...

Peter, the room looks great. Your color choices remind me of the MCR boards color test. Two questions: It doesn't look like they spray-textured the drywall before they primed and painted as you can still kind of make out the taping behind the glossy paint. Was that on purpose? Also, any elaborate plans (ceiling drops?) to get electrical to the center of the room other than use plain extension cords?

Peter Hirschberg said...

They did primer, but no - they didn't do any spray texturing. Unfortunately. I think the high-gloss paint and the large expanses of drywall make the taping pretty obvious. I'm hoping you won't notice once the room is full of machines and blacklights.

For the electrical, there is a row of outlets down the center of the ceiling. I'll just need to drop wires down from those (I'm told you need a strain-reliever to do this right).