Peter Hirschberg

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tron & Battlezone showreel animation

Just a quickie before I head off to the hospital as I really wanted to put this out there first. This will be part of my showreel at Men At Work Pictures after I get that website up and running.

The result of 6 months of rendering time alone, here is a short "showreel" type movie I put together. It has a few shots of Battlezone cabinet 3D model, and then switches to the glorious Tron cabinet 3D model. All set to music.

You will need some form of DivX codec to play the movie. You can download one for free from here



[update] The movie is also available on YouTube, but at MUCH lower quality. I highly suggest grabbing the larger version unless you're just looking for a quickie preview - My YouTube videos


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter - I'm really sorry to hear about the hospital stay. I hope that you are feeling well again soon! Congratulations on the private Chasing Ghosts screening. Good luck with the gameroom and all your other projects. -- Jason

zork40 said...

Hi Peter,

I've been watching your updates on the Time Out Tunnel movie. This video is incredible! Thanks for posting it. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks amazing ! Great work, thanks !!!