Peter Hirschberg

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So...yeah. Hospital.

Just saw the doctor and they are going to admit me to the hospital. Just off the top of his head, the doctor estimated I'd be out maybe Monday or Tuesday, but that's just a guess of course. It all depends on how things respond.

Treating a Crohn's flair-up and an internal infection at the same time is particularly tricky, as the treatments for Crohn's are almost universally some form of immune-suppression. Not what you want to do when you've got an infection raging already. So the course of action will be attack the infection first with IV antibiotics for a few days, get another CT scan to see how things are doing, and then begin treating the Crohn's to try and get it back under control.

I'll be at Fairfax Hospital (Virginia). I'm bringing my laptop (of course!), but I don't know if they have wireless there or not. I'm going to guess that they do not. My baggage with all my chargers in it got lost on the flight back from LA, so I can't even tunnel through my phone since the batteries are dead. Grrrr. If anyone can drop off a charger for a Treo 600 I would sure appreciate it! :-)

Anyway, if I'm able to post from the hospital, I'll post. Otherwise, I'll have all my stories from my trip to LA all ready to go when I get out next week sometime. I really can't wait to tell all about it!

Mortality sucks.


Jason Scott said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...


Hope you are feeling better. I have a co-worker with Crohn's and
can understand how difficult it can be.

Looking forward to seeing your game room complete in the near future.

Jim T.

Anonymous said...

I agree - mortality sucks. Hope your hospital stay is as short as possible.