Peter Hirschberg

Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Adventure' for iPhone / iPod Touch!

'Adventure' for the iPhone/iPod Touch is now available on the Apple App Store for free!

This is my first iPhone app (trust me, I plan others).



Anonymous said...

Cool! Is it emulated, an approximation, or? How long did it take you to put together?

Brian Enigma said...

So very awesome! I love it!

Now if only you were to also do Haunted House, my memories of 2600 adventure games will be 100% reenacted on the iPhone!

Anonymous said...

I own more than 400 original game cartridges for the Atari 2600 console and Adventure was definetly one of the games I spent a lot of time with.
Thank you very much for bringing back my youth!

-idogcow said...

finally a real reason to upgrade from v1 on my iPod touch. I was going to wait for copy/paste but let's ne honest, this is more compelling!

Anonymous said...

Port Tunnels of Doom from the Ti-99!

Billy K said...

So awesome! And I agree Haunted House would be great as well.

Anonymous said...

Is the invisible dot and the bridge to the credits there?

Peter Hirschberg said...

"Is the invisible dot and the bridge to the credits there?"

Of course it is. :-)

@chris a - it's simulated


Anonymous said...

I can already tell you that, unless it somehow causes my iPod touch to burst into actual outright flame, this is going to be my favorite application for it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

+1 for Haunted House.

wharper said...

My brother-in-law freaked out when I emailed him this - love the icon, too.

A few years back I had picked up the nostalgic Atari Flashback 2, and was very surprised to find that it included Adventure 2 on it - Wikipedia says that it's "A sequel to Adventure that is built on its original assembly-based game code".

Apparently the thing included a few homebrew sequels that are written in the same code as the original - it includes a 'Return To Haunted House' game as well.

Personally I'd love to see those, plus Defender, and Centipede, and Pitfall 1&2, and Combat, and... every game from my childhood, basically.


Anonymous said...

+1 for Tunnels of Doom

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Just plain awesome.

Also, add my vote for Tunnels of Doom.


Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I'm surprised this was done. 2600 Adventure is still an active and protected property by Atari Interactive, and as far as I know, this wasn't licensed? I don't think Atari wants to see their IP devalued.

Anonymous said...

And no love for us Poor PowerPC users... My Samsung -i760 needs some Adventure too. ;-)

Peter Hirschberg said...

I have a version for Mac desktop. It's a univeral binary so it should run on your machine (assuming you can run OSX to begin with)

It's here along with the source code for all version (not counting iphone)

Church said...

This is an awesome idea. Downloading now!

@Marty G: Think of all the cartridges that will go unsold because of this!

Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome game though expert mode doesn't seem to randomize for me and the yellow and black keys are always out in the open in the same areas.

I love it though!

Unknown said...

I was split 50/50 on whether I'd be happy or not if the Magic Dot revealed a "Ported by Peter Hirschberg" message instead of the original one, but now I'm glad you kept it real.

I've noticed a few buggy things if you're interested in hearing them, but frankly I'm so happy to have this, I'm equally content to sit on my hands.

Thanks so much for this.

Peter Hirschberg said...

I would love any feedback you have regarding bugs. I have a list myself that I am looking at. Not sure how much time I want to spend on fixing stuff if the app will get pulled at some point (I'm not stupid people) but I would like the bug list either way for the Mac and PC versions.

Please email bugs to my email address (see Contact link above).

Also - I've had a bunch of reports of Level 3 not randomizing the objects like it should. If you are seeing this could you email me the type of device you have? It seems to only effect certain users.

Anonymous said...


Great simulation! I really enjoy it.

You asked for people to write in about bugs so here goes. It seems that Level 3 is not as random as the original. I've played it a bunch of times and have already detected recognizable patterns. Also, sometimes the placement of objects is quite strange. Things are hard to find, thus slowing down the action and once I started a game and saw the bat flying with the chalice right away! And also about the bat, sometimes I see him simply standing still in a room until I have to pick him up and let him go again to fly.

But other than these things, it's really perfect and I love it so thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Just read your posting about Level 3. I am using an 8G iPod touch by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your perfectly reproduced version of the Atari 2600 game "Adventure". It's brought back such fond memories!

I'd like to put in a couple requests. A company called Starpath created an add-on module for the 2600 (

My ALL TIME favorite game for the 2600 was a tape game for this add-on Starpath Supercharger module called "Dragonstomper". My second favorite game was the one you've already converted (Adventure… again, Thank You) & my third favorite game was another Supercharger game called "Escape From the Mindmaster".

These games, along with all the others made by Starpath, are on a CD called "Stella Gets a New Brain" (
I don't know how difficult it would be to convert these two games to play on the iPhone, but would like to request, encourage… and yes, even BEG you to consider bringing these two (or, at least, "Dragonstomper") to the iPhone.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I was reading others' comments & ran across another Atari 2600 game I liked & would enjoy playing on the iPhone if you're up to it.

The game is called "Haunted House".

Also, apparently, there were two other games made that may or may not have seen the light of day… "Adventure 2" and a "Return To Haunted House"

These would also be games I'd like to see, but the Starpath Supercharger game "Dragonstomper" STILL tops my wish-list, although "Adventure 2" MIGHT edge out "Escape From the Mindmaster" which comes in just ahead of either "Haunted House" game.

I also came across another Starpath Supercharger game titled "Sword of Saros" which I never played, but after seeing some screen shots, I believe it would be as enjoyable as Dragonstomper.

Again, thank you for Adventure!

BTW, I think you should consider charging for these conversions. Even if you have to work out some type of royalties payment to current copyright holders, at least you'd get SOMETHING for your time (other than, of course, the undying gratitude of people like me who's childhood memories have been brightened by your effort).