Peter Hirschberg

Monday, September 1, 2008

August 23rd Benefit Game Day results!

Last weekend's Game Day was a MASSIVE success. I hope everyone had fun. I estimate that over 150 people were in attendance. It was definitely the biggest Game Day yet.

Thank you to all who donated. Thanks to you, over $3000 was raised to help with Shawn's medical expenses!

Here is the video!

I only got to shoot video when things were just getting started. The video doesn't show the full extent of how busy it really was!

The local TV station came out to do an interview. Unfortunately they didn't even mention the benefit. Ummm...huh??!

The "Luna" Bounce.

Here are some photos that were taken by others and sent to me:

And some others:

A huge thank you to the following people who provided crucial help during the event!

Fred and Darrian Stoki
Carl Haines and the extended Haines family
Jacob Rose
The Young Marines
The VFW (for loaning the tables and chairs)
Michael Verrechia
Sam Blackburn
Jim Talbot


Jason Scott said...

Feel free to use my photos as well:

Anonymous said...

Some more here ...

volleyjacket said...

Very cool of you 1. To even have this arcade and 2. To use it to benefit someone in need. Awesome.