Peter Hirschberg

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Adventure: Revisited on Youtube

It's always thrilling to me whenever I find stuff like this. Here's a Youtube video that somebody posted of themselves playing my Atari Adventure 'emu-simulator-clone" Adventure: Revisited.

The description of the video reads: "What is the best use of the extreme processing power of a dual quad-core Mac Pro? Playing Peter Hirschberg's port of the old Atari 2600 game "Adventure", of course!"

Man, and all I can notice is how SLOW the game is running at that size window. I had a lot of drawing performance problems on the Mac port that I left unfixed. They were due to how OS X handles double-buffering to the screen. I need to switch the program to have it use OpenGL, which should make it blindingly fast on the Mac.


David said...

Hi Peter!

I think running my screen capturing program may have slowed down the game a bit when I was making the video. And it was a bit of overkill to run the game in a full-sized window; but I was too lazy to figure out how to get ScreenFlow to crop to the currently active window.

Your port of the game brought back some wonderful childhood memories! Thanks for your efforts!

Peter Hirschberg said...

My pleasure David! Like I said, it's always a thrill seeing stuff I did out in "the wild". :-)

Brian said...

I was surprised to see MacAdventure running in fullscreen! Every time I try to maximize the screen, it crashes. As MacAdventure's default window size is too tiny for me, I ran WinAdventure using Crossover... which runs great and is maximizable too boot. :)

Thanks for allowing me to relive one of my fondest childhood video game memories. My 2600 memorable games include: Adventure, Pinball, and a poorely ported PacMac (bonk, bonk, bonk.) ;-)

Peter Hirschberg said...

You know, you can resize the window larger and the game will resize to fit (in multiples of 2x). You should be make it a larger without it crashing. Let me know if that works!