Peter Hirschberg

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Construction Update

Here's a picture of the completed shingles. I honestly don't know what the next step is after this.


Jason Scott said...

A Skeeball machine. The basic unit, the molecule of any entertainment complex is the Skeeball machine. You can't break it down into any smaller component.

Conversely, the arrival of a Skeeball machine signals the onset of an entertainment complex.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but rarely does the Skeeball molecule remain isolated in its basest form. The intense heat and pressure of an entertainment complex can often lead to Skeeball machines combining into long molecular chains, as shown in Figure 1:

Anonymous said...

So the next step is a skeeball machine? Are you sure it is not an air hockey table? What about Wackamole? Certainly that has some claim on being a basic molecular unit of an entertainment complex.

Peter Hirschberg said...

I was referring of course to the next step in the construction, but hey I'm appreciating the humor here. :-)

I've thought about a Skeeball machine before. My biggest fear with them is that they dispense balls perfect for unruly kids to launch across the room.